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Sounding of instrument

The gosha naghara is one of the most widespread folk percussion instruments.

Gosha(double) naghara
(metal body)
V.Gafarov's private collection.
Baku. The 1995

This instrument is part of ensembles and orchestras of national instruments and is also used for performing folk music. The gosha naghara has an original timbre and can even be used as solo instrument.

The gosha naghara consists of two small nagharas of differing sizes, joined together. Sometimes it is called a "gosha dumbul" (A dumbul is a percussion instrument that is much like the haghara.)

Originally the gosha naghara was made of clay, and then later of wood and metal. Camel, goat or calf leather is used for the membrane, which is fitted to the body using metal screws.

Gosha(double) naghara
(clay body)
M.Kerimov's private collection.
Baku. The 18th c.

The screws are used for tuning the instrument as well. While it is being played, the instrument is usually placed on the floor or on a special platform. Wooden sticks are used to play it. The size of the gosha naghara can vary, but as a rule, the two bodies of the gosha naghara are equal in height, 300-330 mm. One of them is 240-280 mm in diameter, and the other is 1 10-140 mm.


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