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Azerbaijan is a country possessing ancient history, bright cultural heritage and mysterious nature. Since ancient times its favorable geographical position and rich nature served as the reason of transformation of this zone in a wide place of dwelling. Historically playing a role of the " Gold Bridge" between the West and the East, the North and the South, Azerbaijan with its natural conditions favorable for a life during the various historical periods attracted many people, tribes, nationalities (national characters) onto this territory.

Both in an antiquity, and in the present Azerbaijan is known as the country distinguished by the high tolerance. Azerbaijan is the native land of Zoroastrizm religion (fire worship), the first cradle of Christianity in the Caucasus, a place of distribution of Islam, territory of the various ethnic groups' peace life, the prospering country favorably cooperating with multi-colored cultures. Historical sources show steady expansion of ethnic structure of Azerbaijan. Whether it was in a peace or violent way, all ethnics arriving at this rich territory from outside, tried to take roots on this ground for constant residing.

Today Azerbaijan is the country distinguished by the ethnic variety. In its territory alongside with representatives of various nationalities such ethnic groups, as the Tats, the Talishes, the Malaccans, the Ingiloys, the Sahurs, the Avars, the Lezghins, the mountain Jews, the Hynalygs, the Budugs, the Grizs live. In spite of the fact that representatives of the mentioned ethnic groups constitute themselves the Azerbaijani, each group has kept elements of the original alien culture. This culture finds expression in a household life, workmanship, in the kitchen and during various ceremonies. The submitted tourist routes enable to familiarize with ethnographic features and rich culture of Azerbaijan.

The submitted tourist routes

1. Village Nijh (Gabalah area) - the Udins

2. Village Budug (Guba area) - the Budugs

3. Village Hynalyg (Guba area) - the Hynalygs

4. Village Lazah (Gusar area) - the Lezghins

5. Settlement Lahige (Ismailli area) - the Tats

6. Village Gum (Gakh area) - the Tsahurs

7. Village Gryz (Guba area) - the Grizs

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