The etchnic culture of Azerbaijan
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Wind instruments have played an unprecedented role in the history of Azerbaijani traditional music. The earliest examples of wind instruments, dating back several thousand years ago, were undoubtedly made of reed. This tradition has survived Until the present.

Today, some wind instruments-such as the ney, tutak, musigar, sumsu and their varieties-are also made of cane and reed. But other materials are now used as well, such as animal bone, horn, baked clay and various kinds of wood and copper.

The limited diapason of the wind instruments affects their technical and artistic capabilities. For example, the diapason of the zurna, the most common wind instrument, does not exceed two octaves.

The wind instruments are divided into the following types:

1. Instruments with a mouthpiece-zurna and balaban

2. Instruments without a mouthpiece-ney and tutak

3. Instrument with bellows-tulum, garmon.


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