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Sounding of instrument

Boyuk Naghara
V.Gasumov's private collection. Baku.

The boyuk naghara is also called the "kos naghara" or "wedding naghara" in some regions of Azerbaijan

This kind of naghara is larger in diameter and height. The boyuk naghara is never used alone, but always in combination with the jura naghara. Its technical capabilities are more limited as compared to the other types of nagharas.

The instrument is played on both sides with two wooden sticks, The large kos naghara is not used nowadays, but a smaller version is used in ensembles of zurna players. A naghara of this kind is used only in the open air.

The body of the instrument is cylindrical and made of firm wood. The skin is stretched over the two sides of the body. Its diameter is 400-450 mm, and its height is 500-550 mm.


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