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Sounding of instrument

Dumbek ( wooden body)
S.Sakurniya's private collection.
Baku. 1990.

The dumbak is another ancient percussion instrument that was widespread in Azerbaijan (photo 9-11).

This instrument is more typical for the southern areas of Azerbaijan and was very popular during the Middle Ages. Although it was forgotten in the early 20th century, it has recently returned to the national musical culture of Azerbaijan.

The dumbak was originally made of burnt clay; later it was made of wood and iron. It has the shape of a goblet. Today, its body is usually made of walnut and apricot wood. Calf or goat leather is stretched over the body.

The strap that ties around the body is placed on the performer's left shoulder, and the performer plays the instrument with the fingers of both hands.

Dumbek ( clay body)
F.Rahimov's private collection. Baku.

The height of the instrument is 350-400 mm, and the diameter is 280 mm. It has a peculiar low timbre and produces various rhythms and tones. Nowadays, the dumbak is used in many musical groups.

Dumbek ( ceramik body)
The State Museum of Azerbaijani Musical Culture. 1978.


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