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Sounding of instrument

Jura Naghara
V.Gafarov's private collection. Baku.

The jura naghara (small naghara) usually accompanies an ensemble of zurna players (photo 3). The jura naghara is never played alone, but always in combination with the boyuk naghara. Since it is smaller than the main naghara, it is called "jura" naghara.

The body of the instrument may be made of different kinds of wood, with goatskin or sheepskin stretched over it. The jura and boyuk nagharas are similar in their construction. The jura naghara is played with two lightweight sticks that are bent back on the top.

As an instrument, it has its own definite role and function within musical traditions. The diameter of its body is 300-320 mm, and its height is 340-360 mm.


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