The etchnic culture of Azerbaijan
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Sounding of instrument

Just like the naghara, gosha naghara, gaval and other percussion instruments, the laggutu is widely used in modern ensembles and orchestras of national instruments (photo 1).

The State Museum of Azerbaijani Musical Culture.

The laggutu is used mainly in the musical folklore of the southern regions of Azerbaijan: Astara, Lankaran, Masalli and Jalilabad. The laggutu is placed on a platform, and the performer plays it with two wooden sticks. Usually, the laggutu is 250x125x50 mm in size and made of walnut, apricot, mulberry or beech wood.

The instrument is hewn out in a special way: the upper part is hewn deeper than the lower part, which gives a special timbre to the instrument.

The etymology of the name of the instrument is probably related to its timbre.


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