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Settlement Gum
Panorama of Settlement Gum
On a coast of the Garachaj River Sohub tower
Settlement Gum
(Gakh area)


The group of Tsahur population lives in this village. The Tsahurs (the tsahs) is one of the ancient people of Azerbaijan; their historical territory of dwelling is Kur-Alazan valley and upper reaches of the Samur River. Their self-name is yikiy. There are historical data of the XIX-th century, and also national legends about occurrence the Tsahurs in this territory. In an historical science there is an assumption of genetic communication of the Tsahurs with one of the Albanian tribes - jhigbamy. This circumstance testifies that the Albanian tribes, which area of moving included not only in modern territory of Azerbaijan, but also in southern Dagestan played the important role in domination of all ethnics occupying this territory of Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, it is known from historical sources that more than 400 years ago natives of the village Tsahur located in one of the gorges of the Samurchaj having passed to the western slopes of the Caucasian ridge, established the village Saribash existing up to now and representing greater historical-architectural value. Later the area of moving the Tsahurs increased.

The Tsahurs professes Islam, talk, basically, in the Tsahur language at home. The Tsahurs - Albanians having appeared in the center of formation and development of the state of the Caucasian Albania, the first have met Christianity, which early distribution to the Caucasian Albania was motivated by many factors.



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