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Panorama of settlement Gryz-Dahna  
The road to Guba area
Panorama of settlement Gryz-Dahna 
Settlement Gryz-Dahna
(Guba area)


In this settlement live the Gryzs relating to "shahdag" ethnic group. The languages of the "shahdag" ethnicity pertain to the Caucasian languages. From them the Gryz and the Budug languages are close between each other and are in genetic relationship with the Lezghin language. It is practically known nothing about history of the Gryzs.

Most recently the young French researcher Zhil Otyeh has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree at an academic council of National institute of the eastern languages and civilizations of France on a subject "Description of the Gryz language. The Caucasian language used in the northeast of Azerbaijan". The scientist in his work proves that in this language, which has neither the alphabet, nor grammar, speak only a few hundred persons living highly in mountains. Thus the scientist considers this language not to concern either the Turkic, which the Azerbaijani speak, or to Indo-European, which the Ossets, the Talishes, and the tats speak in the Caucasus. It is absolutely independent language. The given fact testifies about antiquity of this language, as well as carriers of it - the Gryzs. Gryzs' basic employment is cattle breeding.



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