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Panorama of Hynalyg
Panorama of Hynalyg
Settlement Hynalyg
(Guba area)


Representatives of Shahdag group live in the settlement Hynalyg of ethnic communities the Hynalygs (self-name - Ketsh). This habitation is located at height of 2300 meters in mountains of the Big Caucasus. Inhabitants' language is unique - nowhere in the world can one meet the language or the adverb even close to them. Historically the Hynalygs are descendants of people occupying once the Caucasian Albania in present territory of Azerbaijan. Under the assumption of historians, the settlement Hynalyg was based as far back as B.C. About ancestors the Hynalygs wrote Strabon and Plyniy. Since then it is not enough that has changed in a life of these people. The Hynalygs consider itself as the lineal descendants of prophet Noja. In opinion of the Hynalygs, during Noh's flood, the village Ketsh was on a shoulder of Ketsh-mountain. By will of Allah there was an earthquake. None of Kesht houses resisted, all were destroyed. Many inhabitants died. Those who were saved passed the river and rose on a small hill. So Hynalyg has appeared. The Hynalygs consider that after a flood Noh's sons - This and the Boor have parted, and only Yafat with sons has remained. From it{him} Caucasian people has arisen. Really, around of settlement at height more than 2000 meters it is possible to find out the cockleshells, the hardened skeletons of fishes that testify about there is happened flood.

The Hynalyg language has no neither dialects, nor dialects. However, in most Hynalyg the pronunciation of inhabitants of the top, average and bottom parts in some cases differs has sat down accordingly to three basic sorts Hynalygs. The Hynalygs profess islam.



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