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Settlement Budug 
Tower of silence 
Pir Banovsha 
Settlement Budug 
Settlement Budug
(Kuba area)


The village Budug is located at the top of a small mountain plateau, at height up to 300 m from the level of the Kara-Chai River on the right coast of it. The site of Budug has many advantages of strategic character. Terraces, in the top part of a plateau, locate houses. Approximately on 2-3 km. above, some houses of inhabitants of the settlement named Kazhma Budug are scattered on abrupt slopes of the Alpine meadows.

The country Budug is small - about 200 inhabitants for only 35 houses. Houses are located very compactly because of small area of a mountain plateau. Houses are old, made of hewn stone; wooden beams as antiseismic linings are built into walls. Inhabitants are affable, though they are laconic.

Inhabitants of Budug observe their ethnic customs and ceremonies during celebrations, burials, family events. Carpets inside and oriental rugs weaved by their ancestors lay their houses. Now many national crafts are forgotten. During hard times many inhabitants marketed their ancient copper ware and other utensils to visited secondhand dealers. On greater holidays there are arranged ancient sports contests on struggle and other games in the open air.

There are only 2 springs in the settlement, whence water is carried to houses in copper and clay jugs.

The budugs live very modestly; they are engaged in agriculture in their kitchen gardens, in courtyards of own houses. The cattle breeding are developed; in the middle of summer all population leaves for the Alpine meadows on preparation cattle's hay.

There is located a building of municipality, a school with 9 classes training in the village. The settlement has no objects of public catering. However it is possible to try very tasty local dishes by visiting local residents.

It is of a big interest the preserved ceramic conductor of milk laid in Budug in the old days from the village Gazhma situated above. According to local inhabitants, prior to the beginning of XX century the milk was passed through these ceramic pipes in Budug from Gazhma. In Budug the milk was processed and sent to the market.

As far as 10 km from Budug in a deep canyon of the Kara-Chai, on the unapproachable rock, there were saved the remains of an ancient fortress "Ediller". In the same canyon of the Kara-Chai in the huge grottoes located on inaccessible rocky walls, the inhabitants of this country hid herds from attacks. In a valley of the Kara-Chai before the beginning of a canyon there is a sacred place "Pir Banovsha" on steep rocks in a cave.

Inside this cave there is a stalactites block, the huge sea cockleshell is as though soldered in. Nearby to Budug, on the opposite side of the Kara-Chai, there is located an ancient fortress and a funeral zoroastric tower on a huge rock. This tower construction is called "Daxma" or "Tower of silence". This construction reminds figure 8 in the form of the basic tower and a buttress.

Near the settlement there is a beautiful waterfall named by local residents "Axjid" that stands for "water falling from height" in the Burgud language. From Budug it is possible to make round to sacred mountain "Chereke" (2100m below sea level), to the cave pir near the ruins of Kazhma Budug, to the canyon of the Kara-Chai with visiting ancient grottoes and sanctuary "Pir Banovsha". Travelers can also make ascension on the rock, where "Daxma" ("Tower of silence") is located.



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